clic light

Clic-Light is an innovative technology
in the service of security


The LEDs of the “Stop Light” have two different light intensities:
- The first light intensity, at 75% of the lighting power, signals braking.
- The second light intensity, at 50% of the lighting power and on continuously, serves as “Sidelight”.


The intensity of the LEDs is regulated automatically, according to surrounding light:
- During the day, the light intensities of the LEDs correspond respectively to 50% and 75% of the lighting power, so that the traffic lights of Clic-Light are always visible, even right in the sun.
- At night, the intensities of the LEDs correspond respectively to 40% and 65% of the lighting power, so as not to blind the user behind. This function also allows to assure a better management of the energy of the battery.

 Hazard Lights 

In case of the vehicle’s battery failure and if the motorcyclist finds himself in a zone of danger, he may activate the “Hazard Lights” function to be seen by and alert other road users.

 Auto Reverse System 

This function is activated automatically when the movable unit is set in the wrong way. Clic-Light detects the way in which the movable unit is positioned and sends the appropriate information to the road user behind, to dismiss any confusion while the user is changing direction.

 Fog Light 

Clic-Light serves as a Fog Light thanks to two LEDs in the center of the “Stop Light”, with an intensity of 100% of the lighting power. The “Fog Light” and the “Stop Light” operate at the same time. When the “Fog Light” is on, the “Stop Light” function is provided normally by eight other LEDs.

 Auto Sleep Mode 

The electronic system of Clic-Light automatically goes to sleep mode after 30 minutes, when the device is no longer used and is no longer moving. To activate it again, the user just presses the multifunction button.


Designed for retailers, this function enables the seller to display the functionalities of Clic-Light, activating a random cycle of “Stop Light” and “Flashing Lights.” When plugged to a regular socket, Clic-Light operates 24/7.

 Reflective Strips 

Located above and underneath the “Stop Light”, these two reflective strips serve as com-plementary night visual security, if the “Sidelight” is not turned on.