Our product

Clic Light

Efficient, reliable, and simple to use,
Clic-Light adapts to any kind of stand.


A light source, a safety device and a removable device intended for cyclists and motorcyclists. Clic-Light operates with wireless technology. To activate it, simply press the multifunction button. Clic-Light synchronizes and reproduces the “Stop and Flashing Lights” of the tail light system of the vehicle.

clic light back of the driver

Fastened on the back of the driver or of the passenger, the lights of Clic-Light always appear in the sightline of the following road user.

Thus, Clic-Light secures motorcycle users and makes them more visible on the road, during their trips, while they brake and/or change in direction.

clic light  used with any vehicle

This innovative device can be used with any vehicle without altering its approval, regard-less of the brand or the model, including motorcycles equipped with onboard computers.

Clic-Light is also waterproof to bad weather and operates between -10° and +50°. It can be seen from 300 meters at night and can be used in any weather conditions. It charges at any regular power outlet through a USB-C type cord, and the battery lasts 4 hours with the stop light on continuously.

Clic-Light is designed, developed and built in France by ROAD LIGHT S.A.S, with their technological and industrial French partners of international stature.
The product is patented and guaranteed for 1 year.